• AI meets Big Data

    Use machine intelligence to build automated, data and compute driven investing system

  • How it works

    • Smart data discovery service on the cloud
    • It guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics
    • Transform data into actionable insights
    • Profit with actionable news and research
  • Artificial Intelligence-Driven Solutions for Investment

    Deep Learning Platforms

    Uncover Opportunities

    Crowd-sourced Equity Research

    Sentiment Indicators

    Dynamic portfolio optimization

    Robotic Advisor

    Conversational Experience

    Automated Trading

  • Take Your Investments to the Next Level with AI

    We've Built a Smarter and More Efficient Analyst


    Tap into the Pulse of Global Markets and Real-world Events

  • The Power of Conversation

    Bots are the new apps, Messaging is evolving as the next platform.

    A Conversational AI Financial Assistant

  • Why Aifabot

    Global Data Analytics

    Machine Intelligence

    Cognitive Insights


    Pattern Prediction

    Balanced Portfolio

    Power your Trading Strategies

    Conversational AI Assistant

    Profit with Actionable News & Research


    Artificial Intelligence Financial Assistant Bot